Joshua Positively Impacts Lives

Dr. Joshua Fredenburg is a dynamic, inspirational, high energy speaker that has served as a speaker in 47 different states and two countries delivering transformational programs that help people become more effective at retaining, engaging, leading, and developing diverse leaders and professionals within the workplace.

His expert advice, life changing programs, and enlightening presentations around personal development, leadership effectiveness, and high impact diversity/inclusion practices have enabled him to provide his audiences with quality insight that leads to positive results.

In addition to a successful speaking career, Dr. Fredenburg has also written five books on leadership and generational diversity, has been featured on various television and radio shows, has served as a TEDx Speaker, and is the founder/president of the Circle of Change Leadership Experience.




Do You Have A Retention Problem With Millennial Workers? – Here Are Three Solid Retention Strategies For Leaders Of Milennials!

So you just hired a bunch of millennials? What can you do to ensure they stay with your company past a few months? According to various researchers on this subject matter, employers have found it very difficult to retain millennial workers and the U.S. Department of Labor discovered that from 2004 to 2014 individuals between the ages of 20 and 24 stayed with an organization for 1.3 years while the average employee between the ages of 25 and 34 stayed with an organization between 2.9 and 3.2 years.

Although these numbers have gotten better over the past two years, the U.S Department of Labor stated in January of 2016 that individuals between the ages of 18-35 years of age had an average tenure of 1.6 years per job. In addition to these studies, other experts on this subject matter have sought to discover why the turnover rate is so much higher with Millennial workers because the cost of turnover can be more than 150% of a lost employee’s annual salary.



During the first week of December, Dr. Fredenburg had the incredible opportunity to attend and serve as a guest speaker at the NASPA Leadership Educators Institute in Orlando, Florida on Inclusive Leadership. As Dr. Fredenburg expected, the conference not only consisted of amazing professionals, but it was great to connect with so many awesome people doing outstanding things on their respective campuses all across the country.

During Dr. Fredenburg’s break out session, he assisted leadership educators with recognizing the difference between diversity and inclusion and provided them with strategies that could help them develop more inclusive leaders using the inclusive leadership model created by a top international company. Dr. Fredenburg also shared with them that diversity is HIGHLY important, but without INCLUSION, we will never truly see the impact when creating diverse campuses and organizations. In effect, diversity sets the stage for more equality, but inclusion is the action that brings the diverse stage to light.

Dr. Fredenburg shared with the audience six qualities of inclusive leadership that can be used to develop inclusive leaders on their respective campuses and organizations. For this month’s message, Dr. Fredenburg wanted to share with you the six leadership qualities of an inclusive leader that he shared with the audience in Orlando, Florida.