Dr. Joshua Fredenburg Speaking Testimonials

Over the past fifteen years, Dr. Joshua Fredenburg has not only delivered transformational programs to various audiences in 47 different states and three different countries all across the world, but he has impacted the lives of thousands of people at hundreds of different conferences, conventions, institutes, retreats, trainings, and events.

Below are a sample of the written and video testimonials that Dr. Joshua Fredenburg has received from event coordinators that featured him at their events!

Paula Dias
Office of Mission Engagement, Program Manager
Barry University

Joshua’s positive energy, inspiring words, and interactive presentation had a positive impact on our students, especially during a time when they are experiencing so much change in their lives. The interaction and audience participation was the best part because it took students out of their shell and encouraged them to respond and speak up.

Working with Joshua was such an easy process. He was willing to try something new with us during COVID that we were not sure was going to work. He listened to our needs and offered a program that our participants could enjoy during Welcome Week. He was responsive and professional; I would highly recommend to others.

Kinsley McNulty
Program Coordinator
New York Institute of Technology

“Our event with Josh was one of the most captivating and engaging events our student leaders had all semester. Our students were raving about how the energy and inspiration he brought to the digital space was a privilege to experience.”

Bennie D. Williams
Director of Inclusive Excellence & Global Education
Le Moyne College

Joshua was a part of the National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference hosted at Le Moyne College in July of 2018. From an administrator’s perspective, he was great to work with and was no high maintenance. He was down to earth and patient and made the process very simple and efficient.

While I did not attend the presentation, I have heard such positive things and the students really enjoyed him!

Dr. Farrah-Marie Gomes
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
University of Hawaii-Hilo

Joshua took time prior to the trainings to understand what our needs were, then presented information that was up-to-date, accurate and relevant to our staff. Joshua did an excellent job in holding the attention of our participants. Overall, this was an amazing training that we’d like to offer for other staff who weren’t able to participate this time around!

Christian Hightower
Associate Director of Leadership Development
Kent State University

Joshua Fredenburg is an incredibly engaging and inspiring leadership educator with a powerful, transformative message for the next generation of leaders and change agents.

Zahayra Razo
TRIO SSS Director
Thomas College

“Working with Dr. Joshua Fredenburg was effortless from the beginning. He made himself available through phone and email, so we never had any issues communicating needs and wants for our program.

Not only was coordinating a virtual presentation easy, but the event itself was a great experience. Our students really enjoyed his presentation and had multiple opportunities to interact with our guest presenter, which they appreciated.

I definitely recommend considering Dr. Joshua Fredenburg for your next virtual program!”

Chris Yarbrough
Director of Programs & Operations
Golden Key International Honor Society

“The members who attended the virtual leadership keynote speech given by Dr. Joshua Fredenburg felt the presentation was relevant, inspiring, and very beneficial during these challenging times within our world!”

Alice Park
Marketing and Communications Specialist

“When I invited Josh to be one of our keynotes for our Thought Leadership Conference, I knew he would bring a new element and powerful energy to our event that both returning and new attendees would not have experienced. He not only delivered on that promise, but exceeded our expectations. Highly professional, engaging, and knowledgeable in his field of study, he brings a contagious passion to his work and cultivates insightful discussions. We’re excited for an opportunity to work with him again. I would recommend him as a speaker to any corporate event or conference.”

Theodore I. King III
Big Ten Leadership Network Committee Chair
Student Leadership Program
University of Wisconsin

Joshua’s presentation was more than what I expected. Usually speakers come in and are too preachy and come off as people who can’t really relate to the crowd. Joshua had very concise key leadership strategies that the audience members were able to identify and take away.

If you are looking for a speaker that will energize a crowd and get people on their feet, this is exactly the speaker you are looking for! Of all the motivational speakers that the Big Ten Leadership Network has hosted, Joshua has been the most successful in captivating an audience and inspiring others to use specific strategies in applying leadership skills to the real world. Overall excellent speaker and presenter.

Melissa E. Aponte
Director of Student Development
Iona College

My students stated that they felt inspired and changed by Dr. Joshua Fredenburg’s presentation on Inclusive Leadership for our summer leadership training.

Sarah N. Ho
Assistant Director for the Center of Volunteer Service and Leadership Development
University of Miami

Joshua hit the nail on the head with his presentation. Our Leadership Summit was not only enhanced by his presence – it was kicked into high gear by his energetic personality and motivational words. We received nothing but positive feedback about Joshua’s keynote speech, as well as his breakout session, “Leadership Roundtable”. Students were very happy to have had the opportunity to hear Joshua’s message. It was a great jump start to a day of leadership development!

Joshua is perfect for any kind of college leadership development series. He not only catches your attention: he holds on to it and makes you want to soak up everything he has to say!

Jennifer Winn
Student Health Services
Antelope Valley College

Dr. Frendenburg returned to Antelope Valley College for a second time and once again inspired students and staff with his impactful and empowering “Leading in a Time of Crisis” message!

Dr. Frendenburg engages with his audience, encourages his audience, and most importantly relates with his audience. AVC is grateful to have had Dr. Frendenburg back to share his insight and motivation, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when many students are struggling with a new online learning format and many other changes in their daily lives brought on by the pandemic. Dr. Frendenburg’s message of leading with a purpose and thinking outside of the box was very well-received as he shared many tools that will lead students through any challenge and respond to create positive results in their lives. It was an amazing afternoon and everyone that attended the virtual presentation, I am certain, left with a new perspective on facing crisis with a new lense.

Vera Martinez
Rotary Club of Oakley

I want to thank you again for today’s presentation. What a wonderful program you gave us today. I know you said it was just a “taste” of what you normally do in a longer format but I wish you had stayed on the line to hear all the kudos for you and your presentation from our members. It’s not often that we have someone of your caliber so it was a great way for us to finish our programs this month. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kevin Morris
Assistant Principal
Liberty High School

We invited Josh to be our guest speaker as we started the school year and it was a great choice. Josh used his classroom experiences to relate and inspire the teachers to start the new school year. Teachers left with their tanks filled for the year and ready to tackle the new challenges for the new year. Having Josh speak to our teachers was a great choice!

Dr. Carol Ben-Davies
Assistant Dean of Students
Purdue University

Joshua was our keynote speaker at the 10th Annual Student Leaders Retreat on August 19, 2009 and he was an extremely motivating and inspirational speaker. It can be a difficult task to engage 100 highly capable leaders, but his delivery was captivating, empowering and left the students wanting more, even several hours after his presentation was over. It was such an amazing sight to see Joshua with a small group of Purdue students as he challenged, encouraged, and offered advice on ways they can be better leaders for themselves and their student organizations.

He left the students with tangible information to improve their leadership skills, and he was instrumental in the success of the retreat. Without a doubt he helped us live up to the theme of the conference which was “On the Right Track to Leadership.”

Amanda Zavala
Student Engagement & Activities Specialist
San Jacinto College

Dr. Fredenburg was an amazing keynote speaker! Even with the challenges we are faced with virtual conferences he was able to do a live show and keep the students engaged! I hope we bring him back for another conference when things are more settled so our students can get the full experience of everything he has to offer!

Patrick Prusinovski
Student Engagement Coordinator
California State University, East Bay

Joshua was great to work with and extremely flexible. He was so in tune with what is going on with current trends and already had his topics during our first meeting together to plan out our keynote for our Leadership Conference.

Our students were very receptive to his energy especially during a time where they were meeting and doing events virtually and were concerned about this upcoming year. Many of our students in our surveys gave a lot of positive feedback and felt ready for the upcoming year. He also presented another workshop later during the week of our Virtual Conference and it was well received and appreciated.

Armand Montiel
Vice President
Los Angeles County Management Council

Joshua gave a high-energy presentation on transformational leadership that was well-received His “10 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment” connected with our audience of managers

Justin Hawkins
Multicultural Activities Council Chair
Mercyhurst University

 “From start to finish, Joshua was easy and extremely fun to work with. His passion and love for educating people on current events and minorities in America does not go unnoticed. Mercyhurst University loved him and would be glad to bring him back in the future!”

B. Elliot Hopkins, MLD, CAA
National Federation of High School Directors of Educational Services

Joshua Fredenburg was a “bolt of lightning” for the over 300 high school students who attended our 7th Annual NFHS National Student Leadership Conference. What impressed me the most about Joshua was how the student delegates hung on his every word. He is an exciting and inspiring speaker. He has honed his speaking skills and is masterful with the way he guides the audience through each phrase of his presentation. At the end of his talk, everyone is exhausted because of all the energy he has expended through his time with you. If you have not heard him speak then you are missing one of life’s treats. He is authentic and sincere, and we are so happy we were struck by his type of lightning!

Natalia F. Blank, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Assessment
Norwich University

We heard only positive impressions of the session. Our students reported being engaged during the entire program and connecting with all the topics. 75% of the first-year students who have participated in the programming and completed the evaluation indicated that this session was either ‘Very effective’ or ‘Effective.’

Cassandra Fluker
Student Activities Officer
Henry Ford College

It was a joy to work with Dr. Fredenburg. I appreciate his professionalism. He was very patient and accommodating in working with me, my schedule and budget. He has a busy schedule and he still took time out to make sure my questions were answered without me feeling rushed.

During the presentations, Dr. Fredenburg was personable with students and made them feel comfortable by saying their names and letting them know their input was valuable. It also helped that Dr. Fredenburg shared his stories as a student.

This helped students to realize that their experiences are common and not to worry. I thank Dr. Fredenburg for sharing his expertise and time with Henry Ford College.

Stefanie DiDomenico
Program Advisor, Leadership Programs and Women’s Student Services
University of South Carolina

Joshua met our expectations of what we desired a keynote to speak about for SLDC. He tied in our theme for the conference, “Ignite Change” to his speech several times. He also spoke about leadership and diversity together, which was an expectation of ours. He was a great person to work with and inspired many of our students.

Monique Dumaine
Assistant Director of Student Involvement
Johnson and Wales University

When my team and I were brainstorming how to host a dynamic virtual experience around the topic of Spiritual Wellness for our campus community, we instantly thought about Joshua Fredenburg, Ed.D.

His presentation was EXACTLY the experience we were looking to have and truly he made our vision a reality. This conversation on spiritual wellness was inclusive, so folks of all experiences and backgrounds could learn together.

If you’re ever searching for someone who will set your soul on fire to do something incredible with your life, look no further than Joshua Fredenburg, Ed.D.

Allie Johnson
Career and Internship Advisor
Kennesaw State University

Dr. Fredenburg was wonderful to work with. He was always responsive, kind, and willing to adapt to our department’s and students’ needs.

I have worked with other speakers before and was blown away to not only receive a response within a matter of hours, but by Dr. Fredenburg himself! That is almost unheard of. Better yet, he caters to his audience and takes full advantage of all of the resources at his disposal in the virtual setting – music, a virtual spinning wheel with audience members’ names for raffle drawings, and the use of custom virtual backgrounds.

I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Fredenburg, and I highly recommend Dr. Fredenburg to anyone in need of an energetic, passionate motivational speaker.

Jessica Gramajo, M.A.
Assistant Director of Student Involvement for Clubs and Organizations
Westchester Community College

I enjoyed connecting with Joshua as our virtual keynote speaker for our 2021 8th Annual Leadership Conference. He was very easy to get in touch with, always willing to meet to answer any questions, and was able to modify his programs to meet our specific student population and their needs.

We had excellent feedback for the welcome, closing, and “Are You Leading With the RIGHT Leadership Style?” sessions. I believe all three programs were able to tie the themes of the day together and leave students with seeds to further think about and develop.

Michaela Tuesburg
Assistant Director for Residence Life & Involvement
Wingate University

This program was highly impactful for our students who attended.  I feel that this was an opportunity for them to get some individualized attention on how to grow as a student leader and as a person on our campus.  It was motivational, energizing, and constructive.