A Call to Action – 14 Highly Effective Leadership Principles for Leaders of Millennials

A Call to Action: 14 Highly Effective Leadership Principles for Leaders of Millennials is a powerful leadership book that provides emerging and seasoned leaders with 14 researched-based leadership principles that will help them influence, lead, and develop leaders of the millennial generation more effectively.

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Are You The World Next Top Leader

Do you consider yourself one of the world’s next top leaders? If so, I encourage you to read this amazing leadership book and reflect upon forty leadership questions that every individual must consider in order to develop into a successful leader of the 21 st Century.

Men and women who engage in this transformational leadership book will learn how to discover the leader from within and uncover the necessary leadership skills that will enable them to evolve into effective relational leaders. In addition, readers of this book will also learn about the keys to becoming an effective operational leader as well!

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The World Leaders Curriculum Workbook

The World Leaders Curriculum Workbook is a leadership workbook that consist of different reflection questions, assessment activities, group discussion, and special exercises specifically designed to help emerging and seasoned leaders develop a deeper understanding about the 40 leadership questions that are discussed in Mr. Fredenburg’s newest book entitled, “Are You the World’s Next Top Leader?”

Companies, Groups, Teams, and Organizations can use this leadership workbook as a guide for their leadership development programming for three months, six months, or even a year!

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50 Questions Before You Say, “I DO”

50 Questions Before You Say, “I Do” is a special book for singles and engaged couples that is built to help them ask the right set of questions before the actually get married. So many times, people end up getting a divorce because they fail to ask the right questions before they say I DO. Ultimately, in this book, my hope is that these questions will prepare you for a healthy relationship and help you avoid the negative consequences of a bad marriage.

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